We often focus on advanced features and functions, specific solutions and integration with other tools. That's good but let's focus on basics and let's make it simple: What, When and Why?

In this session I will show you What is AI Builder, When you can use it and Why should you care about it.
In details:
- quick discussion about features, how to quickly build a simple solution
- ideas and guidance when to use it with working examples
- pros, cons, and licensing model




Collaboration Saturday


Marcin Siewnicki

I am Office 365 consultant and architect. I create applications and solutions that improve and facilitate work using Power Platform, SharePoint, and Teams. My adventure in IT began in 2005. Since then I have been creating and implementing business applications based on SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. I am a big fan of task and process automation (Power Automate) and Modern Workplace platforms (Microsoft Teams). Privately a husband, father of 2 sons. Fan of science fiction and cyberpunk, futurist. I co-organize the SharePoint Saturday Warsaw conference, speaker at Microsoft social events.

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