Take your Business Process Flow to the next level by automating it, enhance user experience or simply apply correct stage to the migrated data after you cut over. Learn the powerful concepts of BPF automation, its applications and watch a live demo to set correct BPF stage post data migration.

BPF automation is one of the most powerful capabilities that can be used in conjunction with other automation to build a compelling user experience in the Power Platform. In this session, you will learn some fundamental concepts and rules related to BPF automation – the application of BPF, stage transitions, finishing and abandoning the process. You will also be shown various ways of applying those automation. This session will go beyond the automation capabilities that are available via the visual designer of BPF. The session will conclude with a demonstration of a real life example to apply correct BPF stage to the existing records which is often required when you migrate records to an entity that happens to have a BPF applied on it.

The BPF automation capability was introduced not long ago, when the BPF entity was introduced as part of Business Process Flows. The BPF entity itself has opened various possibilities to build powerful automation that were previously not possible and there are some really powerful things that can be done outside the standard BPF designer. I have used these automation in almost all my projects since it was released and think that this functionality is still underutilized and needs to be shared with the wider community. I believe I have got really good command over these concepts with hands on experience as I have been following this closely since its release and have disseminated these concepts internally within my project teams to build compelling user experience.


13:25 - 14:15


DynamicsPower! Sydney


Yasir Safeer

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