This session will cover the “Boom Words” in IT including Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data, IoT and Cloud along with their usage and applications in Power BI. The session will also demonstrate unexplored but really important features and updates of Power BI. End users will learn to effortlessly interact with their visuals and dashboards. The audience will get a demonstration of D365 as a data source for Power BI reports and optimization of the same. Also, learn to interact with the visuals using natural language questions, key influencers' visual, built-in analytics pane to gain some valuable insights. The audience will be portrayed as how to train their visuals, monitor IoT sensors and get a near real-time experience. With this, the end-users can now enrich their experience in viewing a report they built and published. The enhancements and latest updates in Power BI will also be discussed towards the end of the session. The attached ppt is a brief overview of reference and it will also later include the detailed slides.


15:00 - 15:50


365 Saturday Mumbai


Sandip Patel

Power BI

Global Community Partners