As we all do I'm running multiple roles in my life too: programmer, consultant, CEO, husband and father. I'm also productivity freak with focus on goals. To find myself in my large list of ToDo things, I try to do as many things as possible using ready-made solutions. However, many of my needs are too specific and sometimes the easiest way is to build solution in your own way. And here the question arises: how to do it to save time as a result? For this purpose, you can use ready-made platforms of Microsoft. On my session I will give you 3 examples to fulfill my needs in which I used, among others: Microsoft PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, Azure Functions and Cognitive Services. I will tell you why I needed each of the solution, I'll show you its architecture and working version.




Power Platform 365 Saturday Prague - New Date TBC!


Michał Guzowski

Power Platform, Power apps, Power Automate, Office 365, SharePoint Online, Productivity, Business Processes Solutions

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