Remote work/work from home is very popular right now and with Microsoft Teams it is easy and very effective. But what about remote learning?

There is a dedicated version for Education with predesigned components (you won’t find them in standard Teams) that allow to quickly build classes, prepare for lessons and work with assignments.

That sounds great but let's go and take a look how it really works.

During this session I will discuss what's unique in Teams for Educations, how to use each component to create a successful learning experience.

I will show you:
How to prepare Class Teams, schedule lecture, prepare materials and assignments
How to present content and communicate with students during meeting
How to work with Assignments and Grades, share materials and recordings




Collaboration Saturday


Marcin Siewnicki

I am Office 365 consultant and architect. I create applications and solutions that improve and facilitate work using Power Platform, SharePoint, and Teams. My adventure in IT began in 2005. Since then I have been creating and implementing business applications based on SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. I am a big fan of task and process automation (Power Automate) and Modern Workplace platforms (Microsoft Teams). Privately a husband, father of 2 sons. Fan of science fiction and cyberpunk, futurist. I co-organize the SharePoint Saturday Warsaw conference, speaker at Microsoft social events.

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