Reactive or event-driven programming allows systems to have access to the correct data at the correct time. By using a BC extension and the AL language in conjunction with Azure Event Grid, you can benefit from this powerful publisher/subscriber engine to notify systems of changes in your data – as they happen - so you can enable faster business processes across your enterprise.

In this session, Tharanga Chandrasekara (Business Solutions MVP) and Wagner Silveira (Azure MVP) will show you how to implement a generic extension that allows you to publish events into Azure Event Grid, and how you can use Azure Integration Services to subscribe to those events and take action.

Note to the organizers: this is level 300 session showing advance concepts and scripts in BC and Azure. It will be the focus on hands-on demo and code walkthroughs


13:10 - 13:55


DynamicsPower! Melbourne


Tharanga Chandrasekara


Wagner Silveira

Global Community Partners