Companies do not act proactively on the prospect leads, resolve the potential cases for the customer and facilitate their staff on-site. AI Bots can help organizations achieve their goals efficiently by extending the Dynamics CRM with Power Platform. I will walk you through on how to achieve this.

Ever since Microsoft came up with an idea to closely integrate Office and Dynamics 365 (of course with Azure), we all witnessed its benefits and acceleration towards the business goals.

Conversational AI is becoming an integral part of the business with quality customer service. It is the next user interface (UI) wave in computing. We’ve evolved from a world of having to learn and adapt to computers to one where they’re learning how to understand and interact with us.

In this session, you will learn how can you leverage the power of Bot Framework (Azure Bot Service) with Power Platform and extend Dynamics 365 customer service operations such as generation of a lead, facilitating our staff in one of the banks and some other relevant business use-cases.

On a broader note, you will be able to have a good understanding of the following;

Overview of Bot Framework
Authentication between Bot & CRM
Integration of Dynamics 365 with Flow & Web API
More interactive channels, such as Google Assistant & Alexa along with OOTB (Cortana, Skype etc.)
Come join me and gain insights on best practices to make your bot productive with your CRM!


15:30 - 16:20


DynamicsPower! Sydney


Arafat Tehsin

Global Community Partners