A visionary look into the future of work, and a practical guide for getting there using Dynamics 365 and Office 365.

In this inspirational session, best-selling author Geoff Ables shares what people-centric looks like, with case studies highlighting how big data, analytics, processes, collaboration, and culture have to align. Transformation is possible, but technology alone is not the solution. Learn what differentiates companies that succeed with transforming customer and employee engagement, from those who never get past the struggle, and how the leaders are using Office and Dynamics 365 to accelerate towards this goal.

You’ll leave inspired, informed and full of ideas that will drive change - even transformation - in your organization.

"Profit is the pulse of a company. People are the heart."




D365 Dubai Summit 2020


Geoff Ables

Dynamics 365, Office 365, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Global Speaker, Best Selling Author, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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