When developing extensions for Dynamics 365 for Finance / SCM you will most likely use Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC). In this session I will share the process of using Git for your development process of Dynamics 365 for Finance / SCM including the translation of your well-known TFVS flow to Git flow. I know that the change from TFVS to Git is not only a translation of the flow, but it is more the change of a mindset.
- Create and configure your Git repository in Azure DevOps
- Map your repository on your development VM
- Configure version control management tool
- Build your changes using YAML builds
- Git flow for developing extensions for Dynamics 365 for Finance / SCM




Super Power Saturday Brussels 2020


Paul Heisterkamp

I´m a very experienced Dyn365FO (technical) solution architect with more than 10 years’ experience. I´m doing almost everything in the development ALM starting from designing new feature, developing them, deploying them and finally supporting them. I´m loving to simplify thing using DevOps approach in combination with Azure DevOps. Within the new decade of OneVersion and Evergreen ER I´m a big advocate of this new mindset.

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