Ask yourself if does this sound familiar to you: you have a clothing item in your wardrobe; at some time you have cut the wash tag off an now you don't remember how to wash it. Or even worse: you can't understand what a specific wash icon does mean. Could the artificial intelligence help me without any developing skills?
AI Builder to the rescue! Do you want to know how? Join me on this session!




A.I. Saturday - Virtual Agent Chatbots


Mar Llambí

I breathe, innovate, design and develop as a way of survival. If curiosity killed the cat, I think I have no more lives left. I've been developing with .NET and c# many years, then I assumed a technical consultant role working with Project and SharePoint Online. During this process I have discovered the perfect world of the Power Platform and it turned into my main professional focus. I am working currently as a Power Platform adoption specialist and M365 architect, always designing solutions with a main focus on any of Power Platform services.

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