For a long time Dynamics 365 had nothing but Workflow. Flexible but with archaic editor. Robust but cumbersome at times.

Powerful but with very limited integration abilities.

Enter Power Platform and Flow. Is that a replacement?

Flow, on the other hand, has always been considered a “little sibling” of Azure Logic Apps. Little sibling has all grown up and now gives their mature counterpart a run for the money.

Now we have three players and a lot of questions:

How much money, exactly, are we talking about?
What are the differences between the three?
How do I select which one to use?
Do I start with Flow and “graduate” to Azure Logic Apps?
Do I replace Workflows with Flows or Logic Apps?
Can all three live in harmony on a single project?
Come to the session to get the definite answers to these questions. Watch the same implementation done in all three. And yes, we will tell you how much.


11:00 - 11:50


DynamicsPower! Sydney


George Doubinski

Global Community Partners