Automate your tests of all your business process before an upgrade or just before a rollout of a new package in production as ever been a mirage for you ? Well… in all of my previous experiences of deploying Dynamics 365, I have always had several questions about this. However the saving of time and therefore of money is stratospheric ! Believe me, spending your time testing all of your ERP processes every month before a monthly update, or even before a rollout is clearly still the majority of cases in companies. I will therefore demonstrate in this session all the capabilities possible with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations to generate automatic test cases and the interests of each.

Like :
-> SysTestFramework
-> ATL
-> AzureDevOps
-> Data Task Automation with DIXF for interfaces & data integration test




FinOps & Supply Chain Saturday


Aurélien CLERE

§ Technical & Functionnal Expert Dynamics365 (CRM and ERP) § Clickdimensions Certified Expert § Expert in Data Management § CRM and ERP technical architect § Azure Data Architect § PowerBI / PowerApps

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