Want to see solutions to your recurring problems? Why not attend this session and see how OOTB features (sometimes too obvious) can help you to design patterns to solve your recurring problems? top 8 common problems and their OOTB solutions will be discussed in this session to equip you better.

This session will focus on unwinding hidden gems in the Power Platform and how they can be used to solve some recurring problems in Dynamics implementations. Often consultants aim for using development techniques to address big problems and this session unveils how existing platform capabilities can be used to help consultants solve their problems with low-code/no-code. Having challenges in running batch jobs in Dynamics or configuring teams without too much access permissions? Come and attend this session to find simpler answers to your problems.

The technical requirements of this session is to know basic platform capabilities.

I have been implementing Dynamics solutions since 2011 and have faced many challenges in my implementations. I have learned some simple stuff the hard way and I would like to use this platform to let others know how powerful is the platform and they can solve many problems with some simple techniques.


14:15 - 15:05


DynamicsPower! Sydney


Jandost Khoso

Global Community Partners