Leon will distill what he’s learned from 15 years of demos.

Topics will include: How you can present yourself to be credible and demand attention. The importance of what’s said and how it’s said. Content from Aristotle to Simon Sinek. Finally, we’ll look at the top demo tips for winning business.

Whether you are in pre-sales, sales, or a member of an agile development team, presenting and communicating effectively is part of your job description. Even though this is the case, many of us fear public speaking more than we fear death; we prefer to be the subject of a eulogy than to deliver it!

In this presentation, Leon Tribe will distill what he has learned via professional performance courses, academic research, and through presenting software solutions for over 15 years.

Starting with personal presentation tips, Leon will review how you can present yourself in the best possible light to be perceived as credible and demand the focus of the room. How you dress, how you walk, and what you do in the bathroom beforehand are all crucial to your success. Then, he will focus on what is said and how we speak is as important as what we are saying.

Topics covered will include Aristotle’s Rhetorical Triangle of Persuasion as well as Sinek’s “Start With Why” formula for inspiring action.

Finally, we will look at what you are presenting, and outline how to prepare the best possible content with Leon’s top tips for business-winning content.


11:00 - 11:50


DynamicsPower! Sydney


Leon Tribe

National Delivery Director at PowerObjects

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