In recent years there has been a tremendous volume of analysis around the Internet of Things (IoT) with insights published by research organisations that range from the boutique through to the prestige. Frequently, the commentary around this analysis has included the term “hype” somewhere within these articles, although recently some of the research outcomes have pointed to IoT soon maturing and being capable of widespread productive deployment.

Two key topics we will address during this workshop are :

1) Everyone is talking about IoT (or at least it feels that way) and have big expectations of the promised impending benefits. But how do we actually enable it on Dynamics 365 and Azure?

2) For businesses with a planning horizon beyond a few years, it is essential that IoT feature somewhere within those plans and we will share a couple of implemented Use Cases on Dynamics.


15:10 - 16:00


DynamicsPower! Brussels 2019


Stefan van der Hooft

Digital Transformation & Solution Architect


Michiel Clements

Senior Consultant | Digital Transformation | KPMG Management Consulting

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