The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes and enhancements for records management in Microsoft 365. But many organisations are still struggeling to get records management up and running. Should they use the record center or the [new] retention labels? And what about managing a records management environment?

In this session Albert will go through the different scenario's from a business/records manager perspective. He'll explain and show what works and what doesn't work (yet). He'll will also explain some of the caveats to the more classic records management solution, but also the new one.

Albert will also discuss the newly released trainable classifiers and show the fileplan options which are included in Microsoft 365. If you want to get to know records management in Microsoft 365: this is the session to go to - even if you have no prior knowledge of records management.




Power Platform Saturday Seattle - ONLINE


Albert Hoitingh

Governance Security Enterprise Mobility Microsoft 365

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