The timing is right to plan for and embrace the Power Platform for all of your team members. If you are a large organization create your ramp up plan, starting with a few champions and following a solid road map towards forever growth and success If you are a small organization, decide on where you want to invest your time to get maximum value for yourself, your team, your company and for your clients.

Come to this session to discuss how to really get engaged, how to expand on the engagement you have already started and to share your experiences with the Power Platform learning curve.

Key Value Points
1) This session will help you customize a road map for your firms Power Platform journey.
2) This session will help you avoid mistakes
3) This session will help empower you to lead an army of Power Platform adopters


15:00 - 15:50


D365 Saturday Portland Oregon


Anne Stanton

Anne Stanton started her career in the 1980s, as a programmer working with ancient languages such as Fortran 77, Basic, Turbo Pascal, and Cobol. She then built out her expertise as a master of software applications, consulting, marketing, sales, social media, and grassroots marketing and customer relations. Anne has spent 27 years working with technology and is still passionate about all that it can do to help businesses achieve efficiency and growth. Her current focus is working with the Microsoft Dynamics xRM platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/CE software. She was awarded the seventh Microsoft MVP for CRM and has a long-running blog ( and Twitter feed (crmlady) on the subject. She has worked with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for CE as a customer, partner practice leader, consultant, and enterprise user since version 1.2, released in 2004.

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