In 2017 RPA Global Survey conducted by Deloitte, it was reported that 64% of corporates has included RPA implementation as part of corporate initiative. This number is expected to increase of 72% in 2020. Those who already implemented in the past 2 years reported payback period within 12 months.
With the release of RPA capability within PowerAutomate suite, we can easily automates mundane repeatable jobs within few records and clicks.
In this session, we will show hands-on example on how to enable, set up, and implement RPA in PowerAutomate. We will also go through couple of implementation and business cases where RPA are relevant and bring smiley face to business users.
This is the session you should be attending if you are keen to understand more or bring RPA practice into your organization.


12:45 - 13:30


Power Platform Saturday Sydney 2020


Aylwin Wijaya and Umar Riaz

Dynamics365, PowerPlatform, Azure, BI, AI, SharePoint. Umar is Senior Consultant with more than 15 years experience. His passion is in Sharepoint, Dynamics, PowerPlatform and BI. Aylwin is passionate technologist working with Microsoft platforms.

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