Learn how to improve adoption, analytics and AI through better activity management

Most teams struggle to get full adoption of activity management. Users often complain that planning and tracking activities in CRM can slow them down. Yet without this foundational building block in place, an entire CRM project can fall apart. Perhaps more importantly is that activity tracking is the raw material that fuels better analytics and AI.

In this session you will learn how to configure activity management to drive productivity, adoption and a better user experience. We will walk-through the activity management features in Dynamics 365, methods for improving how they are configured, the best way to use Outlook integration, and best practices for weekly and daily activity management for your users.

Take away a simple 4-step approach to transform your CRM into a proactive planning solution

Key Takeaways
1. 4 steps to better activity management in any organization
2. Identify typical activity management pitfalls and how to avoid them
3. Learn how to get your team to buy-in to better activity management
4. Configure CRM to make activity management simpler and faster
5. Understand how better activity management creates better AI




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Geoff Ables

Dynamics 365, Office 365, Customer Engagement, Employee Engagement, Global Speaker, Best Selling Author, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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