In this session I would like to present and discuss PowerApps Canvas App Development Standards. Drawing on my experience listing a Canvas App in the Microsoft Partner Showcase, building numerous other Canvas Apps, and the Microsoft PowerApps Canvas App Coding Standards and Guidelines White Paper I'd like to present a framework or approach for developing Canvas Apps so they can be built and maintained sustainably.

From simple naming conventions through to code organization, performance optimization and other tips and tricks I will explain how a Citizen Developer with no background in DevOps can build and maintain apps in the context of large and complicated IT system. Attendees with no PowerApps experience will learn about the common pitfalls of Software development in a PowerApps context, and how to avoid them, while experienced developers will benefit from a reminder of what makes building software easier and what can make it much much harder.


16:20 - 17:10


DynamicsPower! Sydney


Lachlan Wright

Global Community Partners