Dynamics 365 Security is complex but essential. It is also often overlooked, or delegated to an afterthought - by both the end client and the implementers. The balancing act of users, teams, security roles and business units spiced with field security and access teams are enough to put many people into a tailspin. Each individually is easy to manage - but using all the ingredients together to create the security model that works for a specific organisation is a challenge that defeats many.

This presentation arose after a call from a recent client who called me as I was getting off a plane to tell me that my recent work had created a huge security breach. A small amount of investigation showed that the breach had been in place since long before I got involved. All I had done was train users so their improved skills allowed them to inadvertently find the breach!


11:15 - 12:00


Power Platform Saturday Sydney 2020


Gill Walker

Gill Walker is widely skilled in Dynamics 365 CE success. As a success catalyst she improves user adoption with training. She also works with you earlier in the project to get a solution that meets needs - needs of end users and needs of management. Her philosophy of empowering by increasing understanding with education delivers results. As a speaker she speaks on topics within successful CRM. Gill speaks on topics such as: ‘Jumpstart to CRM success”, “Why (sm)ALL business need CRM” and “Essential steps to successful User Acceptance Testing”; As a trainer, Gill is passionate about training as a way of empowering people. Gill provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 training on Business Intelligence in D365, Configuration, Automation Getting Started & more; First and foremost she is an educator - a trainer and a speaker. However, she can also apply these skills in a practical way as a consultant and a mentor.

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