Using the capabilities of the Power Platform allows all developers (Citizen and Pro Dev) to create amazing applications and process automations. However for those not coming from a Dynamics/CDS background are you familiar with the use of Solution files? How about unpacking those solutions and storing them in source control via Azure DevOps?

This session will discuss and demo the capabilities of Solution files within the Common Data Service to contain your entities, apps and Flows; presented from a Functional Consultant view point.
Once contained in a solution file we will explore the export and import process, including the use of the Microsoft Solution Packager to extract the solution zip file to useful separated XML files. This migration process will be shown via the use of Azure DevOps and the Power Apps build tools, allowing files to be stored in Git.




Power Platform Saturday Sydney 2020


David Hearne

Passionate about all things Power Apps, Power Automate and Dynamics 365. I'm a Functional Consultant and Architect delivering solutions to Federal Government in Canberra.

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