“I looked at my hands. Hands, they are curious things. For generations a person's hands had been what he or she was worth. That which turned the wrench, molded the clay, chiseled the marble. The bits of fragile humanity from which sprang the great paintings, inventions, literature. These were mine. They worked a keyboard in an office.”

In this session, Andrew Welch explores the opportunity and challenges of software at the intersection of community and humanity in the context of his forthcoming book, Field Blends (publication date late-April 2020). We'll specifically explore questions about why we care that modern technology empowers individuals to build beautiful and useful things, what organizations must do to unleash this potential, and how we as creators can use this freedom to explore the world and embrace the many communities of which we find ourselves a part.




Power Platform Saturday Seattle - TBC


Andrew Welch

Practice Manager

Global Community Partners