Azure subscriptions
• describe an Azure subscription
• understand the uses and options with Azure subscriptions such access control and offer types
• understand subscription management using Management groups

Understand planning and management of costs
• understand options for purchasing Azure products and services
• understand options around Azure Free account
• understand the factors affecting costs such as resource types, services, locations, ingress and egress traffic
• understand Zones for billing purposes
• understand the Pricing calculator
• understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator
• understand best practices for minimising Azure costs such as performing cost analysis, creating spending limits and quotas, using tags to identify cost owners, using Azure reservations and using Azure Advisor recommendations
• describe Azure Cost Management

Support options available with Azure
• understand support plans that are available such as Dev, Standard, Professional Direct and Premier
• understand how to open a support ticket
• understand available support channels outside of support plan channels
• describe the Knowledge Center

Azure Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
• describe a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
• understand Composite SLAs
• understand how to determine an appropriate SLA for an application

Service lifecycle in Azure
• understand public and private preview features
• understand the term General Availability (GA)
• understand how to monitor feature updates and product changes




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Narayan Solanki

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