In 2019, Microsoft began working with the Act to End Street Sleeping Collaboration on an initiative designed to help the NSW Government achieve its target of halving street homelessness by 2025. To assist with this initiative, a core team, including 4 of the Microsoft Trainees, have been developing an online platform using Power Apps that surveys people sleeping rough. By streamlining and digitizing this data-collection process, service providers are able to access the data quicker and in turn to better connect those living on the streets to relevant services they need in real-time. Join this session led by the 4 Microsoft Trainees to hear more about the project, how the app was built and the impact it’s already made on the NSW community just a few months into usage.

You can also find more info about the project here:


10:00 - 10:45


Power Platform Saturday Sydney 2020


Microsoft Trainees

Alyssea Nicole, Christopher Kapnopulos, Geoffrey Frost, Sarah Pak

Global Community Partners