Microsoft Flow approvals is a powerful functionality allowing business processes designers to easily assign a task to anyone in the organization and then design process based on the outcomes. Assuming that assigned person will complete a task is bad and can easily lead to failing processes. The built-in option to let assignee reassign a task to someone else is not always sufficient. If you ever found yourself in a situation, where task wasn't completed because assignee wasn't able to do it, join me during this session to learn about possible approaches for reassigning a task.

During this session you will learn:
* How the basic reassign functionality works
* How to limit possibilities for task reassignment
* How to benefit from timeout and run-after for task reassignment
* How to handle reassignment when original assignee is out-of-office

Stuck task assignment is a bottleneck in your process. It can't proceed because it is waiting that one last outcome. Don't let your tasks wait longer than it's expected. Become a master of tasks reassignments!




DynamicsPower! Belgium 2019


Tomasz Poszytek

A believer in enabling organizations to work more effectively helping them to achieve it by leveraging their effectiveness through their business processes digitalization and optimization. Having a strong analytical background being a Business Analyst for years, he has lots of experience in Power Platform (PowerApps, Flow, PowerBi), but also in Nintex or Webcon. He really enjoys to continuously learn to stay up to date and to share his knowledge not only with his customers, but with technical communities as well. He's building business processes and applications that are easy for users' to stick to, so they can follow and understand them. In overall he transforms processes to be more reliable and effortless. Co-organizer of SharePoint Saturday Warsaw and active community member, blogger and speaker.

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