Dual Write is the magic that Microsoft has created that allows near real time syncing of data between CDS and F&O auto-magically! Dual Write provides a tightly coupled near-real time and bi-directional integration between Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Sales. Once an entity is enabled for Dual Write, any create, update change in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations results in writes, in near-real time, to the Common Data Service and vice versa.

I will especially highlighted this feature (CDS DualWrite) for bringing CRM and ERP together. BUT, we can achieve a lot more now, since all DATA for F&O can be available of course in the Common Data Service (CDS), we can NOW use PowerApps Portal to bring a private or public Web Portal on top of your loved ERP. Indeed, if you have been like me as an AX 2012 Consultant, you are still wondering how I will replace my Enterprise Portal that was part of the solution with a Sharepoint. So here we are, we can now do that in a faster & easier way, thanks to the PowerPlatform !




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