How to use Power BI Dataflows and Azure Data Lake to prepare our self-service BI data. Data preparation is considered the most difficult, expensive, and time-consuming task. Some of the challenges in those projects include fragmented and incomplete data, complex system integration, and business data without any structural consistency. With Power BI Dataflows, you can achieve self-service data preparation capabilities into the Power BI online service and model-driven calculation engine, which takes care of all the transformation and dependency logic.

Learn and see live demo on how Power BI Dataflows can help in cutting time, cost, and expertise to a fraction of what’s traditionally been required for those tasks and how companies are taking advantage of these Dataflows.




Dynamics 365 and Power Platform BC Weekend Vancouver 2020


Parvinder Chana

Microsoft Data Platform MVP | BI Architect | PowerBI Consultant/Trainer | DAX/Power Query Expert

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