Come to this session to learn about North52’s new TestShield product. We’ll show you how you can easily automate your end-to-end testing for Dynamics 365 CE and CDS. Learn how you can save significant time and cost by quickly building repeatable tests that cover synchronous (plugin’s, real-time workflows, business rules) and asynchronous processes (Microsoft Flow, plugins, background workflows). We’ll cover Test Data creation, documenting and building your tests and scheduling automated test runs.

With Dynamics projects becoming increasingly implemented using agile methodologies, project releases are more frequent putting increased pressure on testing. Manual testing methods are unable to keep up with the demands of the release schedule and will either block releases or just not get done – either way the business risk increases. North52’s TestShield helps you automate testing so that you can repeatably execute tests with each build/release and quickly discover if there are problems, saving you from potential disaster by identifying broken processes before they get pushed through to production.


11:00 - 12:00


365 Saturday Amsterdam 2019


Bruce Buxton

Partner and Business Development Manager at North52

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