With Microsoft deprecating the Dynamics 365 legacy web client and replacing it with the new Unified Interface, D365 customers now need to transition to the new UI. However, there are still a lot of D365 Customers who are not aware of this change and has not even planned for the needed transition. In this session, you will learn about the urgency this transition requires, why you need to transition sooner than later and the various approaches you can take to ensure a smooth transitioning process. The session will also cover:
- The key differences between the legacy web client and the new Unified Interface
- Advanced tips and tricks in Unified Interface
- Latest updates in the Unified Interface
- Readiness for transitioning to Unified Interface and user adoption strategies

Following the Unified Interface session will be a live demonstration on the new Power Apps maker experience, covering :
- Creating and editing entities using Power Apps maker portal
- Using the WYSIWYG model-driven form designer
- Using the new view designer with the preview of live data
- Addressing the feature gaps between the classic solution explorer and the new maker portal to evaluate which one to use for a certain situation




Power Platform Saturday Sydney 2020


Linn Zaw Win

Global Community Partners