In this session, Luise Freese will guide you through two topics to solve both IT and Business pains.

1. Learn how to implement a Chat Bot to interact more efficiently with your users in order to meet their needs with ease.
2. Discover how solutions like this could narrow the traditional gap between Business and IT

Luise will guide you through the solution she built with Power Virtual Agent (the New Kid on the Block of the Power Platform), Power Automate and Microsoft Graph and will give an outlook about what your solutions could look like providing a lot of lessons learned so you don't need to start from Zero

She will talk you as well through crucial business impact on solutions like this including effectiveness and efficiency of a more productive (end-to-end) internal client support, fast adoption and easy governance, higher ROI and the human touch and feel of an interactive interface and better end-user experience.

Presentation Benefits:
Understand why and how a Chat Bot isn’t just a fancy toy to play around with but can really drive business value and customer success

Highlights of this session: Learn from scratch how to handle Power Virtual Agent, see what’s possible with Power Automate & Microsoft Graph and grasp why and enabling Citizen Development nurtures growth mindset in your company.


09:55 - 11:00


Super Power Saturday London 2020


Luise Freese

Office 365 Business Consultant & Power Platform Advocate, MVP Office Apps & Services. I focus on the art of teamwork and improving business processes. Inspiring employees to evolve their ways to work, to set up a new attitude and engaging leaders to connect with employees is the most challenging, but most rewarding part of my job. I strongly believe that it is my mission to establish an engaging mindset. Power Platform is an excellent approach to foster a #learnitall culture in organizations which is why I chose to evangelize! I am a speaker at #MSIgnite, #MVPSummit, #MSBizAppSummit, several SPS Events and PowerSaturday Events.

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