Heard about DevOps but don’t know how to start or to decide if it is a good fit for your team/company? Not happy with the speed and quality of your current development process? Having a hard time to quickly deliver feature to customer? Not sure which tools to use with Azure DevOps? or just love a meaningful Tech Talk with a warm coffee on a peaceful Saturday?
Discover the Azure DevOps and Prepare now for the challenges facing the development process, people and products. Leo, MS Dynamics 365/CRM Solution Architect / Azure DevOps expert, with 15 years of extensive knowledge and experience in software development with Microsoft technologies and Agile/Scrum will help you to know the pains of your team(s) and customers in a classic development process, to understand the benefits of Agile DevOps and how to start your best Agile Azure DevOps journey ever. Leo will walk you through interesting Agile and Azure DevOps topics such as Agile Planning, Testing (TDD, Unit Tests, Integration Tests, Automated UI Tests), Build CI/CD pipelines, Code Vulnerabilities and more.




Azure Platform Saturday


Leo Pham

MS Dynamics 365/CRM Solution Architect / Azure DevOps.

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