Get an overview of the functional capabilities of Dynamics 365 Human Resources and how it aligns with Power Platform architecture. Learn about the product features that can support business continuity of global organizations in the current times considering the impacts of COVID19 and #newnormal




**CHANGE**Power Platform Saturday NYC/NJ 2020


Kamal Radhakrishnaiah

I work as a HRIS consultant by profession @ FourVision, Netherlands supporting customers define HR processes with operational business in mind and align these processes with IT solutions to balance both aspects and get the best value for business efficiency. I love what I do because I am able to solve business challenges and work closely with customers building long term relationships. Also, it is a constant learning process that exposes me to different business scenarios every time I meet a new customer and in a new industry. I live in The Netherlands along with my wife and a year and half old daughter. I like to travel, read books and camping.

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