Design keys to make Flows run insanely fast

Filter, Select, Parallel, Compose, Batch, API Rate limit.

We have these amazing, business critical Flows - they are running perfectly.

But as the size of our business data increases, some of the designs are no longer so hot - the Flow runs slower and slower in production. When lots of people are triggering new Flow runs, it can't keep up. There are bottlenecks in a Flow.

Even worse - system is now reporting API limits and heavily throttling our Flow - this makes an already slow situation even slower. Some updates are taking a lot longer to complete. Users aren't happy.

Making Flows run fast requires tweaking our design - but there is a way to run Flows MUCH faster in the cloud, bringing down those 30-minute Flow runs to 30 seconds.

This session covers advanced topics with API Rate limit, Filter, Parallel, Compose and Batch.




Power Platform Saturday Seattle


John Liu

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