Join this session to go through deep dive story about Connected Field Service solution, architecture, processes and how to leverage its power. The session will go through solution architectural view from 3 perspective: IoT Device view (equipment with multiple sensors), Azure view and of course Dynamics 365 CE view. From Azure view will cover important parts with their purpose/sense including IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Storage & SQL, Service Bus, Logic Apps and more.

We’ll see how to use Connected Field Service to start collecting data, automate anomaly detection, extract the relevant data form our IoT Devices and enable remote troubleshooting using device signals to reduce downtime with proactive alerts before the customer knows of an issue. Once the IoT Alert is received within Dynamics 365 it can be evaluated either manually by queuing it up for human review or automated. Processes enhance real-time communication and collaboration between customer service, dispatch, field agents, and customers.
Session will be accompanied with live demos using real HW.




Power Platform 365 Saturday Prague


Dominik Rojković

Dominik Rojković is a co-founder and CTO of company InSky Solutions leading a very creative organization with highly experienced individuals and strong team players producing globally rewarded ideas and products. InSky was established with the mission of digital transformation of companies into client-centric leaders. He completed his master's degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. Focused on creating and developing solutions on MS Dynamics 365 platform, process automation using Azure tools in conjunction with special purpose computers available on the Internet (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Idea creator and visionary leader in charge of developing award-winning business solutions: TourismInSky, ContactInSky, LoyaltyInSky, RealEstateInSky and MessageInSky, which have the ultimate goals of creating a successful business organization where sales, marketing and customer support processes are fully automated. Result was a global achievement: "Euro Cloud - Best Horizontal Solution Reward", "Most Innovative ICT Hotel Solution" as well as "Microsoft Midmarket Solution Provider of the Year Reward" and "Microsoft Application Development of the Year".

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