You see the badges on your LinkedIn feed. You hear people saying that certifications help you get your resume across to the hiring manager. You saw the recent updates that certifications now count for 33% assigned to a Microsoft Partner that will determine their Partner level status. If you want help to navigate the certifications in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem but don't really know where to start, this session is for YOU!

In this session, I will cover everything you want to know about certifications.
- An overview of the currently and upcoming certifications
- A framework to help you decide where to start and where to go next
- How to include your certifications in your resume and LinkedIn profile so that you show up in recruiters' searches
- How I studied to pass 10 certifications (and counting) on the first attempt
- How to manage your stress before and during the examination to ensure success

This session will cover everything you ever wanted to know about Microsoft Dynamics 365 certifications (and probably some more).




Dynamics 365 and Power Platform BC Weekend Vancouver 2020


Vicky Rodgers

Global Community Partners