In today’s fast-moving cloud world, it can be difficult sometimes to evaluate new solutions on the marketplace that can satisfy Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) scenarios or data integration needs involving Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. Typically, we may find ourselves returning to “safe” options such as SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) or to look at investing in potentially expensive third-party solutions, such as Scribe Online or KingswaySoft. With version 2 of Azure Data Factory, developers now have a solution at their disposal that has sufficient feature parity with SSIS, as well as offering a range of additional options, such as the ability to manage your solution from within Azure DevOps or seamlessly integrate with Azure functions to execute custom code; all of which can be implemented for little or no cost.

In this deep-dive session, we’ll look at how Azure Data Factory can be used to successfully migrate an on-premise instance of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement to a cloud instance. As part of this, attendees will become familiar with the process involved in deploying their first Azure Data Factory Pipeline, from start to finish. No previous experience with Azure Data Factory is required, although attendees should have some familiarity with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Entities and how to deploy resources onto Azure.


11:00 - 12:00


DynamicsPower! Manchester 365 Saturday


Joe Griffin

Global Community Partners