Scalability, governance, security, platform maturity, licensing - there are many myths around Power Platform that can prevent organisations from getting started.

Myths and objections can come from individuals, business units, centralised IT or management - and they often stem from a fear of the unknown or unfamiliarity with the technology that can result in sub-optimal use of solutions or blocking of useful enablers in the organisation. But they are usually just that - myths - and in organisations where IT and business users work together with a common goal of enablement, where citizen and pro developers are both valued, where people properly understand the tools, the technology, and the value it can bring, we see extraordinary success, both for organisations and individuals - and the opportunity for success is getting even bigger with the introduction of RPA, Power Apps Portals, AI Builder and Power Virtual Agents.

Between them, Lisa and FooShen have spoken to people at thousands of different organisations, hearing their questions and concerns about Power Platform, and helping to work through them. In this session, they will address the Top 10 - so if you're stuck with myths preventing Power Platform success in your organisation, this session will help you bust them!


10:00 - 10:45


Power Platform Saturday Sydney 2020


Lisa Crosbie & FooShen Wu

Power Apps Lisa Crosbie is a Technology Evangelist with Barhead Solutions and Business Applications MVP FooShen Wu is a Power Platform Technology Specialist and WW Emerging Solutions Global Black Belt with Microsoft.

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