Six months ago I started my Power Apps journey, from a base of absolutely zero Office365 knowledge or experience. During that time I have experienced first hand how Power Apps - and the Power Platform in general - has been designed to be picked up quickly and easily, and, having now created and delivered custom applications for several different organisations, am (hopefully!) living proof that it is possible to go from 'zero to hero' in a staggeringly short amount of time.

In this session I will be covering the story of how I got into Power Apps in the first place, what has made me fall in love with this platform, how the Community of #PowerAddicts has helped me grow as an App Maker and professional, what excites me about the future of the Power Platform, and why you should be starting your own journey into Power Apps today!


10:00 - 11:00


Super Power Saturday London 2020


Clarissa Gillingham

I am a Business Applications Engineer at Silversands, an IT Consultancy company and Microsoft Gold Partner based in Poole. My primary skills are in Power Apps, with Power Automate following close behind, and I am in the process of learning Power BI. I am an avid member of the #PowerAddicts community, and a huge supporter of the #LessCodeMorePower movement!


Martin Lee (App Man)

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